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Atherosclerosis Books

Some Books on Atherosclerosis:

The following are some books on Atherosclerosis. Some of them are exclusively on the subject, while some have a few pages of valuable information on the condition. People who are interested in purchasing the books must make their own research before buying them. This is just a place where they can start their search. The author of this blog does not have any ownership over any of these books and is not responsible for anything.

1. The Complete Book of Men's Health: The Definitive, Illustrated Guide to healthy living, exercise and sex
By Men's Health Books, Men's Health.

2. Cholesterol Cures: More Than 325 Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol and Live longer
By Prevention Health Books, William P. Castelli

3. The male body: an owner's manual : the ultimate head-to-toe guide to staying healthy and fit for life.
By K. Winston Caine, Perry Garfinkel, Men's Health Books.

4. Nature's medicines: from asthma to weight gain, from colds to high cholesterol- The Most Powerful All-natural cures
By Gale Maleskey, Prevention Health Books

5. The medical advisor: the complete guide to alternative & conventional treatments
Time-Life books.

6. Chlamydia Atherosclerosis Lesion: Discovery, Diagnosis and Treatment
By Allan Shor

7. The body multiple: ontology in medical practice
By Annemarie Mol

8. Soar: Achieving Your Best Possible Health Through Awareness
By Roger L White MD

9. Endothelial dysfunctions and vascular disease
By Raffaele De Caterina, Peter Libby

10. Best of Health: The 100 Best Books
By Sheldon Zerden

11. Experimental atherosclerosis
By Louis Nelson Katz, Jeremiah Stamler.

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