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Who can get it?

People who are more likely to get the condition:

Atherosclerosis occurs in people at a very young age, possibly in their early adolescence, but people do not come to know about it till their are old. People above the age of forty are most likely to experience the real effects of the condition

Since it's symptoms are not explicitly known, people do not know that they have the condition, till it becomes clinically apparent in the older ages. The condition does develop through age and hence it becomes serious in the middle aged and older men and women.

Men are more likely to get the condition than women. Women seem to be protected because of the protective nature of their sexual hormones, but that protection wears off after menopause. Women however display the manifestations of the Coronary Artery Disease a few years later than an average man. On the whole however, women match the rate of men, in having the condition.

Atherosclerosis is one of the leading cause of death all over the world, developed countries more than the developing countries. But it is estimated that the cases will increase in the developing countries more in the coming years.

Cardio Vascular disease and Coronary artery disease are the main reasons for death in many people with Atherosclerosis.

The condition is prevalent in Western countries like Great Britain, Finland, Scotland, Russia, Scandinavia. Better treatment for Hypertension in England has brought down the condition a lot in England.

Asian and African countries have lesser artery related diseases compared to the west, but numbers are increasing in the Middle East, India, and in parts of South America.

Coronary Artery disease will however increase in Asian and African countries in the future, due to the adoption of western lifestyles and dietary habits.

People who do not have a good dietary pattern, good lifestyle and who tend to smoke more are more likely to get the artery diseases. People who are obese, who have diabetes and high levels of cholesterol will also get the Coronary Artery disease.

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